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Be Selfish To Be Selfless

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

You’re health is in your hands, period. You’re solely accountable for…YOU. You’re responsible for your quality of life now and in the future. In this crazy, fast paced world where many things are out of your control, your health IS in your control. And you have to be selfish. Yes I said it. You have to be selfish and take care of yourself first (put the oxygen mask on yourself first, and then help someone).

To start, make time for yourself. How many times have you said this…“After this week when things settle down I’ll start working out”, “When this quarter is over things will slow down at work, then I’ll start taking care of myself”, “I’ll start taking care of me once I prove myself”. I see/hear this every day at work, people prioritizing the company over their health; Current data suggests that nearly 70% of employees are NOT engaged at work. I’m confident that your company wants an engaged and energized employee and one way for that to happen is for you to be engaged in yourself, first.

And when you do take care of yourself first, everything else falls into place. Your focus becomes your health. Eat healthier food and exercise more to send the signal to the world that you are a priority in your life. Show your family that taking care of yourself first is the most important thing you can do. Do what you need to do to live a happy, energized and engaged life!

Start by:

  • Workout in the MORNINGS, this will be YOUR time, no one can take it away. “But I’m not a morning person”, start being a morning person! Trust me; I’ve worked with a lot of people that have simply shifted to being morning people. Afternoons are too easy for you to skip. When you exercise in the morning you are starting the furnace and burning calories all day! Get your butt out of bed and see the sunrise! Your day will go so much better!
  • Find an exercise you ENJOY. Not everyone enjoys the same things. When you like the exercise, you’ll continue to wake up and engage in it.
    Three tips for achieving your Fitness goal;
  • Imagine what it is you want to achieve with your fitness. Take the time to visualize yourself achieving the goal.
  • Inscribe your fitness goal on paper. Studies show that a physically written goal on paper is more likely to be achieved than a goal that is recorded electronically, in your computer or in your phone.
  • Inspect your written fitness goal daily. Seeing your written goal daily will help you subconsciously work towards achieving that goal.

Are Your Goals Big Enough?

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Nolan, my youngest, was about 4 years old and playing basketball outside on one of those adjustable basketball hoops one day. He asked me to adjust the hoop so that it was all the way to the top. I told him there was no way he would be able to shoot the ball that high and maybe we should just move it up one notch. He refused, of course, and so I moved it all the way up. As I walked away and shook my head, I heard “Yes!”. I turned around and watched as Nolan made several baskets on this very tall hoop.

Who was I to tell Nolan how high (big) his goal should be? Goals are personal and need to be right for you and no one else. The question is, how do you know if a goal is big enough to get you excited, but not so big that you lose enthusiasm in trying to achieve it? Here are few simple questions you can ask yourself to ensure your goal is big enough:

  • Can you imagine yourself (your team) achieving the goal?
  • When you get out of bed in the morning and go to bed at night are you excited and motivated by the goal?
  • Do you plan your days and weeks around your goal?
  • Is your goal a priority in your life?
  • Do you think about your goal a lot? All the time?
  • If you can answer yes to these questions then your goal is big enough and you’re on your way to success!

In the late 1980’s, and before he was famous, actor and comedian Jim Carrey had a goal of making $10 million by Thanksgiving 1995 – a very big goal! Carrey wrote himself a check for $10 million and kept it in his wallet as a visible reminder of what he wanted to achieve. Every time he looked in his wallet and saw what little money he had, he’d see the check for $10 million; it was a constant visible reminder of his goal. He had a vision and a written goal that was exciting to him and he knew exactly what he wanted to do to achieve the goal: entertain people. Amazingly, Carrey did achieve his written goal by committing to the movie Mask the sequel for $10 million in March of 1995!

That’s a BIG goal, earning $10 million. And like Nolan, Carrey believed in himself and it didn’t matter what others thought, he knew he would succeed because he had a purpose which led him to be focused on his goal. What if he had written a check to himself for $200? Being focused on a goal will keep you moving toward that goal. Being passionate about a goal will give you the drive to smash through any obstacles that stand in your way.

Three tips for achieving your BIG goal;

  • Imagine what it is you want to achieve. Take the time to visualize yourself achieving the goal.
  • Inscribe your goal on paper. Studies show that a physically written goal on paper is more likely to be achieved than a goal that is recorded electronically, in your computer or on your phone.
  • Inspect your written goal daily. Seeing your written goal daily will help you subconsciously work towards achieving that goal.

Be a Leader of One, So You Can be a Leader of Many

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Effective leadership starts with leading one person…you. How can you lead people and teams successfully if you can’t lead yourself? And how do you focus on yourself in order to become a great leader? It’s actually easy to do but very few people do it. All you need is 60 minutes, pen and paper and three simple steps to guide you: Imagine your goals, Inscribe your goals and finally, Inspect your goals.

First, you need to imagine your goals; simply take time to visualize what it is you want to achieve in the next 12 months. I’m confident you spend many hours (80-100?) business planning for your companies and businesses. However, how many hours do you spend planning for YOUR next 12 months? How many hours do you think about where you’re going in life, where you want to be in 12 months, how you can make a difference in the world? I’m not just talking about business here; this should be focused on YOU and your personal goals.

Once you’ve imagined your future and set direction for your life, then inscribe your goals! Write them down. Write them on a piece of paper or a napkin. Simple, right? Research suggests that only 3% of us actually write down our goals.

Finally, inspect your goals! Look at them daily. When you see your written goals you naturally strive to achieve those goals. Your daily routine begins to incorporate actions that move you toward achieving those written and visible goals. Take heed in what The Roadrunner said in the book, Can’t Catch Me Coyote; “Keeping a written goal visible makes it come alive – it breathes life into your goal.”

Sound too simple? Many leaders, presidents, athletes and authors have done just this. They’ve spent time imagining what they want to achieve, inscribing it to form a contract with themselves, and then inspecting their written goals daily which allows them to focus on what they’ve decided was important to them, personally.

    Three tips for success:

  • Physically write your goals down somewhere, research suggests that the act of actually writing your goals on paper, versus typing them on your computer, significantly improves your success of achieving the goal.
  • Focus on one or two goals, no more.
  • Keep your inscribed goals somewhere that you’ll see them every day. The bathroom mirror is a great place: if you brush your teeth at least twice a day, then you’ll see your goals at least twice a day.

Balance and Focus in 2013!

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012


Balance (Photo credit: kmakice)

I have one question:  Are you happy with what you achieved in 2012?   And I’m not just talking about your job.   Are you happy with what you achieved in areas other than your work goals?    Have you been exercising like you resolved to at the beginning of 2012?   Have you been eating healthier?  Did you get your annual physical?   Have you started those 529 plans for your children?  Did you take two family vacations this year?  Did you make time to help coach one of your child’s sports teams?  Have you found that church that inspires you?

These are examples of the “other” areas of life, outside of work, and if you’re not thinking about these then YOU ARE OUT OF BALANCE and you’re going to fall!   Having goals isn’t just about your work, it’s about the critical six areas of your life:

1.     Health & Fitness
2.     Family
3.     Personal
4.     Work & School
5.     Financial
6.     Spiritual

When you’re balanced EVERYTHING IMPROVES. You’ll have more energy because you will be focused on what it is YOU want to achieve in life, not just work!  Vow to make a change in 2013 by concentrating on being BALANCED AND FOCUSED.   It’s imperative that you spend time on all six areas.   If you’re not happy, you are not balanced, so make a change!

Good News:   Resources for helping you achieve this balance are now on our website and available for download!    Just go here and choose the one that works for you.  Then visualize what you want to accomplish, write down your goals on the form and keep them visible to you every day.   NOW is the time to do this…not next month.

Also, thanks for all the great feedback about our 2012 videos and for the incredible success stories that many of you have shared with us…great work and congratulations!   Be on the lookout, we will be cranking up the short videos again soon.   The focus will be Inspirational Quotes for the Month, Success Stories, and Motivational Messages.   Stay tuned for the first video coming in January.   Until then…Visualize your goals, Write your goals down (get the forms here) and keep them Visible!  Good luck!

Visit our website for:
The library of videos
Free downloadable forms for your goals
Blog posts
Our book
Motivational framed quotes
The goal card and frames
And other great tools!

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Get on your Bike and Ride!

Thursday, March 29th, 2012
London bicycle courier, Oxford Street

Photo credit: Wikipedia

You’re an entrepreneur.  You run the ship.   You make the decisions (most of them).   Your office is your car and your business is your territory.  You don’t work in a cubicle and you don’t have to beat the VP of sales into the office in the morning or stay until they leave…this is YOUR business!   Your success solely depends on how you lead the ship to its destination.

So why do you feel overwhelmed, always behind, like there’s never enough time in the day? Growing your business can take its toll and leave you little time for you and your life, rarely getting to enjoy the subtle little things that pass before you every day.

Is your life in balance?   Are you as focused on other areas of life as you are with business?  Of course we have goals for our business but what about other important areas of our life?   Our business/career is only one of six critical areas for us to have established goals.

When’s the last time you coached your child’s sports team or volunteered at a school?   Are you saving for retirement or funding your children’s 529s for college?   What about your spiritual beliefs, are you working towards a better understanding?   Are you eating well and exercising for energy all day? Are you taking time to work on your own personal goals?  Are you planning a date night with your spouse or significant other?

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving,” said Albert Einstein.    To keep your balance you must keep moving ahead in life, not just work.   Living a balanced life virtually eliminates that feeling of being suffocated; it helps you rest easy at night knowing that every day you’re working toward your life’s goals and not just business goals.   You’ll be energized when you wake in the morning knowing that the day ahead is aligned with your priorities in life and not just work.   And guess what?   You’ll be more productive with your business because life is in balance and your bike is moving straight ahead without a wobble.

Agree?  Great, the good news is balance is very simple…so simple that all you have to do is visualize what it is you want to accomplish, write it down and keep it visible to you every day.   You read it right; Visualize your goals, Write them down and keep them Visible - V.W.V.

Take time for yourself, really shutdown and be alone in a quiet place for a few hours.   Visualize what your life will look like in the critical six areas (Family, Financial, Career/School, Health & Fitness, Personal, and Spiritual) one year from today.  Once you have a clear vision, then simply write it down and keep it somewhere so that you see it every day.  When you see your goals every day you instinctively work towards achieving them.  You’re constantly reminded of what it is you’d like to achieve; where it is your going.  Visible goals eliminate the need for complicated actions steps, processes and procedures involving your written goal.

Now get on your bike and ride!  And don’t forget, enjoy the view!

V.W.V.   Neil

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Victorious warriors win first, then go to war.

Monday, March 26th, 2012
Cover of "Art of War"

Cover of The Art of War

In a quote that supports my principle for life, Sun Tzu wrote, “Victorious warriors win first then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war then seek to win.”  This is from the book The Art of War by Sun Tzu and was written two and a half thousand years ago. Sun Tzu’s thirteen chapters, specifically written about success on the battlefield, caught the eye of Ho Lu, King of Wu, who successfully used these strategies to win in war. Since then, Tzu’s work has become required reading for militaries worldwide. Granted, this quote is from a different time period and was used by the military, so the question becomes, “How can this 2,500 year old quote help me in my life today, in 2012?”

Let me translate: Win first then go to war = imagine your success, then go get it. See what it is you want first and then proceed to accomplish it. Plan your success and then succeed. Visualize what it is you want to accomplish and then go accomplish it. By “winning first” you’ve set the table for success by creating a blueprint in your mind that will lead you to your goal and see your success materialize. The “defeated warriors” didn’t have a plan, map or direction–they just went to war. In life we need to live by the same principle that was taught 25,000 years ago: Successful people win first then go to work, while unsuccessful people go to work then seek to win (the word “work” referring to working towards any goal and not specifically “work”, meaning your job).

We too must plan our success just as warriors were taught centuries ago. In our jobs, at home with our families, in our finances, etc. it’s necessary to have a plan for what it is you want to accomplish in the critical six areas of life; family, finances, personal, health & fitness, career/school, and spiritual. Know where you’re going and what it is you’re working toward. Make sure you have plenty of good reasons for accomplishing your goals so when you hit obstacles, you continue toward the target without hesitation. Without a will to succeed, you become unfocused, lazy and have a lack direction which could lead to challenges that become hard to overcome. Having goals and a direction builds discipline every day as you become more aware that everything you do is critical to your chosen goal.

Sun Tzu was a brilliant war strategist that wrote about how to be successful on the battlefield. He knew every situation that an army could be in and how to prepare for success. Use his brilliance as a guide for your life. Have a life you’ve always imagined, but first, imagine it!

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